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About HallKeen Management & HallKeen Assisted Living

At HallKeen Assisted Living, our “Hallmarks” are our core values – the principles we embrace to guide our actions and empower our people to exceed your expectations. Together, they symbolize the promise we make to the families we serve and spell  SUCCESS in the way we care and attend to the needs and preferences of loved ones.

  • Sacrifice to do whatever it takes to be available, to respond and to assist
  • Understanding to be keenly aware of each resident’s personal story & needs
  • Commitment to the physical, emotional & spiritual wellness of each resident
  • Compassion to always show kindness, courtesy, respect & empathy
  • Excellence to provide superior care, services and attention to detail
  • Sensitivity to the emotional and physical challenges each resident faces
  • Strength to provide superior financial, leadership & technical resources

HallKeen Assisted Living Communities are mission driven. We are keenly aware of the “us” in trust and we take that responsibility very seriously. To that end, we take pride in the professional resources we bring to you and your loved ones, the greatest of which is our people.

Nowhere is the important difference between care and caring more obvious than in the actions and the glow of smiling faces you’ll discover in a HallKeen community. Drawn to our culture and inspired by our values, these specially trained individuals form a team that has earned HallKeen a reputation for enriching the quality of each and every life we touch and the trust of residents, families and physicians, alike.